International Seminar: BISSTECH 2011

Bali International Seminar on Science and Technology,
Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, 22 & 23 July 2011


Undoubtedly the most pressing issue of this century is global warming and the accompanying carbon emission debate, illegal logging, crisis of energy and food which affect world sustainability and particularly in developing countries. Technological advances are part of the approach for solving these global problems.

Bali International Seminar in Science and Technology (BISSTECH 2011) is designed to present basic science that underpins potential solutions to the crisis that faces this and future generations.

BISSTECH 2011 aim is to discuss research and directions that can give hope to people and their ecosystems for a better life that co-exists with intelligent development.

Industrial sustainability depends on basic scientific brekthroughs and these breakthroughs are achieved through collaboration. This seminar will bring together local and international sientists to discuss collaboration that can help solve our global problems.

Strengthening Basic Sciences and Technology for industrial sustainability: biomedicine, food and beverage, pharmacy, information and communication technology (ICT).Chemical engineering, etc

Place and Date
WidyaSabhaUsadha Theatre, Faculty of Medicine Udayana University Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, 22 & 23 July 2011

Important Dates

17 June 2011 : Last Day of Abstract submission
27 June 2011 : Announcement of abstract approval
15 July 2011 : Last Day of Full Paper submission
22 July 2011 : Seminar Opening Day

Keynote Speakers: Governor of Bali
Plenary Speakers :
1. Prof. Dr. I Gede Wenten (ITB,Indonesia), “Membrane: Sustainable Technology for Water, Energy and Environment”.
2. Associate Professor David J Young (Universiti Brunai Darussalam), “Functional Materials from Natural Product”
3. Professor Edward R.T Tiekink (University of Malaya,Malaysia), “Nanogold and gold compounds-pharmaceutical applications”
4. Professor J.C. Liu (NTUST, Taiwan)
5. Professor Sukardiman Harjotaruno (UNAIR, Indonesia), “Potential Chemoprevention of Cancer from Indonesian Traditional Herbal Medicine”
6. Professor Habibah A. Wahab (USM, Malaysia), “Combining Natural Product and Information Technology to Spearhead Research in Drug Discovery“



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